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Wiltshire & Swindon Biological Records Centre is the county’s local environmental records centre. Please take a look around our website to find out what we do, how we do it and how you can get involved in biological recording or go about accessing information from us.



An Amphibian and Reptile Atlas for Wiltshire

Great Crested Newt, WWT

WSBRC is excited to be launching a new atlas project!

There are thirteen native species of amphibians and reptiles (known as herpetofauna) in the UK and of these nine are found within Wiltshire. There has never been an atlas of Wiltshire amphibians and reptiles published and with several new non-native species turning up in the county an assessment of our herpetofauna seemed overdue.

With the help of Wiltshire Amphibian & Reptile Group (WARG) we hope to produce something by early next year. Read more... 


Wiltshire Mammal Atlas 2nd Edition

This new, updated atlas promotes the importance of Wiltshire, its habitats and mammal species, to a wide audience, highlighting the importance of safeguarding important sites for mammals, now and in the future.

Brown Hare, David Kjaer/ WWT

This publication was created through the hard work and perseverance of Wiltshire Mammal Group and Wiltshire Bat Group volunteer members, supported by WSBRC, with financial support from Wiltshire Natural History Publications Trust.

The document represents many hundreds of hours of volunteer engagement, survey work, data gathering, verification and analysis alongside the expertise and time of those who were involved in writing the content. The publication is being made available in digital form at no charge.

Please show your support of this publication and all the hard work that has gone into producing it by making a donation today via our appeal page on WWT's website. Your donations will help support WSBRC to produce future county atlas publications and to update this publication in future. The document can also be accessed for download via this page.


Getting Started in Recording

Devenish Reserve, Barry Craske/ WWT

If you're new to biological recording submitting records might seem a bit daunting to start with and you might need a little support to give you the confidence in your developing ID skills.

There are many ways to get involved in recording or make a contribution to nature conservation: 

* Join Living Record and submit records to us

* Get involved with a local recording group

* Volunteer for us in our office or get involved with another Wiltshire Wildlife Trust project or conservation task

* Keep an eye on our homepage, Twitter feed (below) and Facebook page (WiltsBRC) for information on surveys and other activities  

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Recent Updates

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Graphomya maculata, Lysana Robinson/ WSBRC


 Grass snake eating frog , WSBRC Karen Shaw


Barn Owl, WWT/ Darin Smith


Abia sericea larva, WSBRC/John Grearson