Wiltshire and Swindon Biological Records Centre

The Wiltshire and Swindon Biological Records Centre (WSBRC) is a not-for-profit partnership initiative housed at the Wiltshire Wildlife Trust which provides a central reference point for environmental information on species, sites, habitats and geology in Wiltshire and Swindon.  

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Recent Sightings

Greenfinch, Andy Morffew @ Flickr.com

We have recently received a record of a male Greenfinch - Carduelis chloris that was spotted feeding in a back garden in Devizes on 13th August.

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Wildlife Out Now 


Plotting the Path of the Polecat in Britain

Polecat, WWT/Darin Smith

On Tuesday 21st October the Wiltshire Mammal Group are hosting an event on the Polecat. The Polecat population is recovering and expanding its range in Britain following a severe historical decline. This talk will discuss the ecology of the polecat, its distribution and status and current research on the species. Find out more about the event


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Recent Updates

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Small Ranunculus Moth Gail Hampshire @Flickr.com

Rare Small Ranunculus Moth Spotted

1 Sep 2014

The Small Ranunculus moth (Hecatera dysodea), which has in recent years reappeared after a period of extinction in the UK, has been recently sighted, outside the WSBRC’s office! Not only was this rare species spotted, at least 20 of the small green caterpillars were counted on one plant, a fantastic sighting.

Down Shieldbug Steve Covey

Rare Bug Rediscovered

19 Aug 2014

After an absence of 30 years, the rare Down Shieldbug (Canthophorus impressus) has been recorded again at Pewsey Downs National Nature Reserve. Last recorded in 1984, an amazing 14 were found by our County Recorder Steve Covey, during a visit to try and find out if this rare species was on the reserve.

Red Admiral John Notman/ WSBRC

The Big Butterfly Count is Back!

18 Jul 2014

The esteemed naturalist Dr David Attenborough launched the survey, run by Butterfly Conservation of which he is the President, today on Radio 4 and talked about how important it is to record what’s using our gardens, green-spaces and wider countryside.

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