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Basic recording form v3.2 - suitable for general recording

Detailed recording form v3.3 - includes detailed information for recording bat roosts, Water Vole, Otter and Badger signs and bird breeding activities.  

Wiltshire Wildlife Trust reserves recording form v3.3 -  we recommend that you use our Reserves recording form, this has a drop down list of all the Trust's reserves with the central grid reference.        


County Recorders

County recorders leaflet, 6 June 2016

Report 2015, February 2016

Report 2014, February 2015  


Protected Road Verge Project

PRV Leaflet

PDF recording form with species listed by common names  

PDF recording form with species listed by Latin names  

Excel recording form with species listed by common names  

Excel recording form with species listed by Latin names  


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Autumn Woodland Fungi  

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Alien Amphibian and Reptile Species in the UK

Identify a Butterfly


LERC Information

South West Local Record Centres leaflet , 2011

Guidance for Local Authorities on Biodiversity Data, 2013



BAP Documents

Wiltshire and Swindon Landscape Conservation Framework

Landscape Conservation Framework

The Swindon Urban Area Profile  


Cotswold Water Park Bat Atlas

2014 CWP Bat Atlas  


Wiltshire Biodiversity Action Plan

2008 Wiltshire BAP  


Other Reports

State of the Environment reports

2013 Report

2012 Report   

Dragonfly, WSBRC/Damian Pinguey


Fungi, WWT/David Hall


Arion ater rufus, John Notman/ WSBRC


Stag Beetle, WWT/Beverley Heath


6-spot burnet, David Mitchell/ WSBRC


Female Garden Spider, Araneus diadematus, John Notman/ WSBRC