Wiltshire and Swindon Biological Records Centre

Wildlife Rescue Information

The WSBRC and Wiltshire Wildlife Trust is not able to offer an animal rescue or welfare service. There are national and local charitable organisations that do and offer advice or a 24hour emergency service. Contact details for some are listed below. Please note that this is for information only and does not imply any form of recommendation or approval by the WSBRC or Wiltshire Wildlife Trust of services provided by other independent organisations.

General Enquiries


Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA)
Tel: 08705 555999

Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital
Any animal - 24hr Emergency No: (01844) 292292

Wild Things Res-Q (Aka - Wiltshire Wildlife Hospital)
Tel: 01980 629470 Emergencies: 07850 778752

Wildlife Care Centre (Formerly Wildlife Rescue Salisbury)
Helpline: 08450 092166 or 01980 862291
Wildlife Rescue Callout: 07790 296951

Contact Your Local Veterinary Practice
They may agree to treat an injured wild animal free of charge. Alternatively, the RSPCA may pay, if contacted beforehand

Suspicious Deaths

Police Wildlife Liaison Officer: 0845 408 7000

Wildlife Crimes

Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (Defra): (0117) 372 813
Suspected Poisoning: 0800 321 600 Email:wildlife.enforce@defra.gsi.gov.uk

Damage to Wildlife Habitat 

Natural England - Wiltshire Area: (01380) 726344

Animal Welfare – Strays, Farms, Pet Shops and Breeding Establishment queries

Wiltshire County Council & Link to District Council Animal Welfare Services WCC Customer Services 01225 713000

Animal-Specific Queries

Cotswold Animal and Bird Rescue

Tel: (01285) 658923 (North Wiltshire area)

Abandoned Fledgling Birds

Advice: Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) south west area: (01392) 432691

Barn Owl Trust
Tel: (01364) 653026

Bat Conservation Trust
Bat Helpline 24hr in summer: 0845 1300228

Swarming Honey Bees

Please check the British Beekeepers Association (BBKA) website to confirm that the insect you have come across is a honeybee, or the Wiltshire Beekeepers Association: (01672) 512567 or for Warminster & Westbury Area: (01373) 832378

Ferret Rescue Wessex Ferret Club:
Tel: (01425) 673096

'Bath Cats & Dogs Home' - RSPCA - Bath & District Branch Animal Centre

Tel: (01225) 787321 Email bathdogs@westdirect.co.uk

Fox Welfare Society
Advice: (01933) 411996 

Advice on frogs, newts and snakes: (01733) 558844 

Hawk Conservancy Trust
Tel: (01264) 773850

Hedgehog Helpline

St Tiggywinkles Tel: (02920) 623985
British Hedgehog Preservation Society Tel: (01584) 890801

Raptor Rescue Helpline
Tel: 0870 2410609

Swan Rescue
Wimbourne: (01202) 828166 24hrs mobile: 07785 917457