Wiltshire and Swindon Biological Records Centre

Charging Policy

Standard Charges

WSBRC is hosted by Wiltshire Wildlife Trust which is a not-for-profit charity. WSBRC reserves the right to charge users a fee which covers a proportion of the time spent collating and managing data as well as the costs attributable to the time required to administrate and undertake an enquiry. These charges represent our main income stream and are absolutely essential if WSBRC is to have long-term viability.

For all requests please fill in an Information Request Form (IRF) with the details of your enquiry based on your individual requirements.

Standard Data Search Charges (as of 6th April 2017)

Data Search Charges Apr2017


For standard requests, receipt of your completed IRF (including confirmation of the total cost of your request) will be taken as agreement of the relevant charge as shown above. If a faster turnaround (within three working days) is agreed there will be a 30% surcharge added to the relevant cost. 

Non-Standard Data Search Charges

If you require a different data search than our standard one above e.g. site or bats only search, for student/research requests or searches covering a different area please provide us with full details within your competed IRF and we will email you a quote.  


To supply all relevant biodiversity data to a landowner for entry into an Agri-Environment Scheme (including maps of notified sites, and UK priority habitats and species both within the enquirers’ land holding and on adjacent land) charges will apply as for other commercial bodies. Charges also apply to individual householders or landowners using the data for development purposes (e.g. bat records for a planning application).   

Reduced Rate

A reduced rate will be applied in the following circumstances:

  • Part of the search area falls outside the county boundary
  • Parish and town councils using WSBRC data for Neighbourhood, Parish or other community-led Plans
  • Funding partners for additional data searches not covered within the terms of their agreement
  • Projects where WSBRC has agreed to provide partner support

Note that a minimum charge of £45 +VAT applies to data searches (with a minimum charge of £22.50 +VAT for reduced rate searches). Final charging decisions are at WSBRC’s discretion. 

Uncharged Searches

Charges may be waived for individuals or local voluntary groups undertaking research or for conservation purposes at a specific site. In this case a donation will be invited to cover the staff time to assist with the enquiry. A charge will however be deemed appropriate when significant amounts of staff time and/or resources are required.

In the unusual instance that no records are held for a search area our charges will also be waived.   

WSBRC Partners

Should you use WSBRC on a regular basis, we recommend entering into a Service Level Agreement (SLA) and paying a fixed fee per year that covers all your requirements and allows us to plan our workload.

SLA partners receive many benefits including full resolution data from their geographic area as part of a regular data exchange and via specific data requests. If you wish to discuss the possibility of becoming a partner, please contact us.



Please try to be as precise about what you require as you can, but do contact us for help if, after reading the notes contained in these pages, you’re not sure. Once you know what you require please fill in and submit our IRF.