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50 Species for 50 Years

Wiltshire Wildlife Trust reached a milestone 50 years on 23rd July 2012! To celebrate this event and the fact that the Trust and its staff and volunteers have been working hard all this time to protect, improve and manage species and habitats in Wiltshire, the WSBRC has decided to showcase 50 iconic, rare or otherwise interesting native species which can be found on its fantastic reserves. 

Species of the Week 24th December - Robin 

Robin in the snow, Tony Hisgett @ Flickr.com

For our last species of the week, to celebrate 50 years of the Wiltshire Wildlife Trust, we have chosen the nation’s favourite bird, the Robin. Intrinsically linked with this time of year, the Robin’s plump appearance and red breast is easily recognisable to all. Both male and female Robins make their presence known throughout the year by being one of only a few British birds to sing all year round, this behaviour is due to the importance for both genders to hold winter territories.

While the Robin can be seen at many if not all of the Trust’s wonderful reserves as well as in woodlands, hedgerows or parks, this is not a species you need to make a special trip to see. Instead simply take some time to watch your garden over the festive period because, as winter progresses courtship will begin, and many of us will spot a pair gearing up to nest, often in the most unlikely of locations!

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Species Featured


Birds          Butterflies                         Insects                               


Cetti's Warbler
Water Rail

Red Kite

Barn Owl 

Lesser Spotted Woodpecker



Adonis Blue
Brown Hairstreak  
Cistus Forester  
Green Hairstreak 
Marsh Fritillary 
Silver-washed Fritillary 
Purple Emperor 


Common Oil Beetle 
Lesser Stag Beetle
St Mark's Fly 
White-legged Damselfly
Hornet Robberfly 

Mining Bee   

Raft Spider 


Adder's-tongue Fern  
Alder (common)
Bath Asparagus 
Pedunculate Oak 
Snakeshead Fritillary
Wild Daffodil 
Burnt Orchid 
Green-flowered Helleborine

Autumn Lady's-tresses 

Meadow Saffron

Wild Service Tree 

Black Poplar


Reptlies                     Molluscs                                Mammals


Viviparous Lizard 

Roman Snail 

Desmoulin's Whorl Snail 

Brown Hare 
Harvest Mouse

Water Vole


Fly Agaric           


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