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Earthworm Gilles San Martin @ Fllickr.com

Dig into the World of Earthworms

27 Mar 2015

The United Nations have declared 2015 the International Year of Soils, and the Earthworm Society of Britain are asking everyone to start recording earthworms. Earthworm are an incredibly important aspect of soil health as by churning it up they improve its fertility, which in turn is great news for plants, animals and ultimately us.

Blue Tit Darin Smith/ WWT

The Garden BirdWatch Scheme: 20 years of Citizen Science

24 Mar 2015

This year the Garden BirdWatch Scheme, run by the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) celebrates its 20th year. In the last 20 years volunteers have contributed an astonishing 7.3 million hours of their time submitting just under 100 million observations.

Leislers bat Jim Mullholland

Wiltshire's First Leisler's Bat Record

16 Feb 2015

A new species has been recorded in Wiltshire for the first time. The Leisler’s bat, a small bat that has long fur around the shoulders and the upper back, giving it a lion’s mane appearance, was radio-tracked to a woodland just north of Ford.

Desmoulins Whorl Snail Gilles San Martin @ Flickr.com

New Mollusc County Recorder

6 Feb 2015

We are very pleased to welcome Paul Wexler as our new County Recorder for Molluscs. Here he tells us about this often overlooked group, and how they are faring in Wiltshire.

ARC Alien species booklet ARC

New Guide to Alien Amphibians and Reptiles

30 Jan 2015

A surprising number of alien, or non-native, amphibian and reptile species are present in the wild in the UK today. There are thought to be as many introduced amphibian and reptile species in the UK as there are native species. Amphibian and Reptile Conservation have released a guide to these alien species.

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