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Bee Orchid John Notman/ WSBRC

Look Out for Bee Orchids

10 Jul 2015

2015 is turning out to be a boom year for bee orchids (Ophrys apifera) in Wiltshire. At WSBRC we are receiving many reports of them; in mid-June, 197 flowers were counted on one site, some near their maximum height of around 50cm.

Minotaur beetle WWT

First for Blackmoor Copse

16 Jun 2015

A Minotaur Beetle has been recorded for the first time in the Wiltshire Wildlife Trust’s Blackmoor Copse Reserve, this is also the first record received by WSBRC since 1999, making it an even more interesting find.

John Grearson netting Vicki James/ WSBRC

Bioblitz Results

9 Jun 2015

On Sunday the weather favoured us for the BioBlitz at Blakehill nature reserve, lots of visitors came to join in and we had nearly 300 records of over 200 different species ranging from birds and plants to bees, flies and beetles.

Earthworm Gilles San Martin @ Fllickr.com

Dig into the World of Earthworms

27 Mar 2015

The United Nations have declared 2015 the International Year of Soils, and the Earthworm Society of Britain are asking everyone to start recording earthworms. Earthworm are an incredibly important aspect of soil health as by churning it up they improve its fertility, which in turn is great news for plants, animals and ultimately us.

Blue Tit Darin Smith/ WWT

The Garden BirdWatch Scheme: 20 years of Citizen Science

24 Mar 2015

This year the Garden BirdWatch Scheme, run by the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) celebrates its 20th year. In the last 20 years volunteers have contributed an astonishing 7.3 million hours of their time submitting just under 100 million observations.

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