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Desmoulins Whorl Snail Gilles San Martin @

New Mollusc County Recorder

6 Feb 2015

We are very pleased to welcome Paul Wexler as our new County Recorder for Molluscs. Here he tells us about this often overlooked group, and how they are faring in Wiltshire.

ARC Alien species booklet ARC

New Guide to Alien Amphibians and Reptiles

30 Jan 2015

A surprising number of alien, or non-native, amphibian and reptile species are present in the wild in the UK today. There are thought to be as many introduced amphibian and reptile species in the UK as there are native species. Amphibian and Reptile Conservation have released a guide to these alien species.

Hair Ice Tom Scholes/ WSBRC

Fabulous Ice Phenomena

29 Dec 2014

Winter creates some wonderful ice formations, and the natural phenomena known as frost flowers and hair ice are two of the most intriguing, such as these photographed at Savernake Forest; however they are not made from frost but are actually ice crystal formations that come up from the ground.

Buff-tailed Bumblebee Penny

Look Out For Active Bumblebees This Winter

19 Dec 2014

To most of us the sight of a bumblebee is a clear sign of spring or summer and the warm weather that we at least hope for at these times of the year. However since the late 1990’s, an increasing number of sightings have been recorded of Buff-tailed Bumblebees during the winter months, particularly during December and January.

Hedgehog in the Snow David Berkowitz

Unseasonal Sightings

10 Dec 2014

The recent mild weather has seen reports of some unusual wildlife sightings. Many sightings are much later than usual, such as butterflies being spotted in December; others are occurring many months earlier than normal.

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