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Peregrine chicks Salisbury Cathedral Salisbury Cathedral

Peregrine chicks at Salisbury Cathedral

22 May 2014

Salisbury Cathedral has Peregrine chicks for the first time in over 60 years! The three chicks, named Pip, Peter and Paula, hatched in a nesting box installed on the Cathedral's spire in May, and their progress is being closely followed.

Harvet Mouse Wildstock

Searching for Britain's Smallest Rodent

16 Apr 2014

Now that spring has finally sprung and the days are getting consistently warmer much of the UK’s wildlife is becoming much more active including newts, Hedgehogs and Britain’s smallest rodent the Harvest Mouse.

Asian Hornet NNSS

Have you seen this invader?

15 Apr 2014

The Asian Hornet, sometimes known as the Yellow-legged Hornet, is a large wasp which is poised to invade Britain. If it gains a foothold it will be bad for honey bees, native insects and pose a threat to human health.

Polecat WWT/Darin Smith

Take part in the National Polecat Survey

2 Apr 2014

Over the past several years public records of Otter sightings have revealed the recovery of Otters across most of Wiltshire. The Vincent Wildlife Trust is now launching a public appeal for the same kind of information to record the population recovery of another UK native mammal, the Polecat.

Box Bug Gill Cardy

Rare Bugs not Bothered by Busy Town

10 Mar 2014

Last August a new species was found in Wiltshire which had not been recorded in the county before. The species was a rare squash bug called a Box Bug, so called because until recently it was thought to feed only on Box.

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