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Hedgehog Dave Kilbey

Hedgehog Hibernation Survey Needs Your Help

27 Jan 2014

A study into the effects of climate change on the survival, and hibernation of Hedgehogs needs you to record any sightings of our most easily recognised native mammal. The results from the survey, will be used to help scientists understand the hedgehog’s life cycle better, including hibernation.

Minotaur Beetle John Notman/ WSBRC

Wiltshire Research Proves the Minotaur Beetle to be a Winter Insect

20 Dec 2013

Despite an extensive collection of records and knowledge about wildlife, new data and records are constantly revealing new information about Wiltshire’s wildlife, such as the distribution or behavior of a species. Data collected has revealed that the Minotaur Beetle, traditionally thought of as a strictly summer beetle in the UK, is active throughout the winter months.

A butterfly helping with identification! Gary Mantle/ WWT

Interest Over Sea Fern-Grass Highlights Role of Volunteer Recorders

13 Dec 2013

Last month WSBRC was able to confirm the first record of Sea Fern-grass in Wiltshire. Interest in the story has not only focused on how far the plant has been found outside of its natural range, but also on how human activities have facilitated this and shows the importance of regular wildlife recording as this can reveal unexpected effects of human activities on wildlife.

Buff-tailed Bumblebee Penny Metal@flickr.com

Keep an eye out for Winter-Active Bumblebees

6 Dec 2013

To most of us the sight of a bumblebee is a clear sign of spring or summer and the warm weather that we at least hope for at these times of the year. However since the late 1990’s an increasing number of sightings have been recorded of Bombus terrestris (Buff-tailed Bumblebee) during the winter months, particularly during December and January.

Furey Verge WSBRC

A New Find for Wiltshire - Sea Fern-grass Discovered on Protected Road Verge

8 Nov 2013

The first county record for Sea Fern-grass (Catapodium marinum) has been confirmed on the Protected Road Verge at Thorny Down on the A30 near Salisbury.

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