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Use Your Phone to Help Bumblebees!

Bumble bee, Darin Smith/ WWT

Pooter! Is a free new smartphone app that has just been launched for the iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad; to encourage users of smartphones to easily identify and record bumblebees. The data is verified by BWARS (the Bees, Wasps and Ants Recording Society) and will be used to help track species distribution around the country.

Use Pooter! to snap bees in your garden, local parks or on holiday; you can identify them using a built-in field guide; and score extra points for finding rarer or more conservationally interesting species!

Compete with friends and other members of the Pooter! community to win bee-themed prizes including a holiday, a supply of Fuller’s Honey Dew beer, bee houses and bee-shaped Trunki luggage cases.

Playing Pooter! also helps conservation scientists to track species distribution and teaches users about our native Bumblebees - so everyone is a winner, especially the bumblebees.

This is the first time that mobile gamification has been used to drive wildlife conservation. With 45% of the UK already using smartphones, the makers of the game believe there is a vast untapped potential for citizen science through social gaming. Smartphone technology can now make creating vital biological records as easy and fun as playing Angry Birds or Fruit Ninja - only a whole lot more useful.

Read more at the NBN website  

Pooter! is free and available to download from the App Store now, you can also visit the Pooter website to download the app and for more information.

Pooter! app


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